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Next stop is Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Suzhou, China for eight days. China population is 1.4 billion while Beijing population is 21.2 million, Xi’an population is 8.5 million, Shanghai population is 24.2 million and Suzhou population is 10.5 million.

Shanghai is the world’s largest city.

Things to do and see in Beijing Include Tiananmen Square (world’s largest city square), Forbidden City (world’s largest palace), Old Beijing, Rickshaw Ride, The Bell Tower, Wangfujing Street and Market, The Great Wall (5,500 miles long), The Run-Ze Jade Garden, The Summer Palace, Summer Palace Boat Ride, Olympic Park (Water Cube and Bird’s Nest), The Beijing Subway, Peking Duck Dinner, The Peking Opera at the Liyuan Theater, The Temple of Heaven Park and Lama Temple (world’s largest wooden sculpture).

Things to do and see in Xi’an include The Terracotta Warriors (8th Wonder of the World), Terracotta Warriors Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, The Grand Opera House (Tang Palace Dance Show), Great Wild Goose Pagoda (Buddhist Temple) and Bike Ride on City Wall.

Things to do and see in Shanghai include Bund Promenade, Shanghai Xintiandi, Silk Factory, Old City, China Town, Yu Garden (400 Years Old), Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Troop (Chinese Acrobatic Show), Maglev Train (World’s Fastest Train (268 mph)), Citigroup Tower and International Labor Day.

Things to do and see in Suzhou include The Master-of-Nets Garden (900 Years Old), No.1 Silk Mill and Boat Ride on the Shantang Canal.


Due to the difficulty in maintaining our blog and to save precious sleep and touring time, we will only be posting a few of the highlight images from our time and travel within each country. We will fill in the blog more completely once we return back home.