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Next stop is Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, Thailand for five days. Thailand population is 67.8 million while Bangkok population is 8 million (9 million during the day), Chiang Mai population is 1 million and Phuket population is 525 thousand.

Things to do and see in Bangkok include Reclining Buddha Temple, Golden Palace, Flower Market and Dinner at Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant.

Things to do and see in Chiang Mai include Song Karn Festival (Thai New Years), Tuk Tuk Ride, The Whole Earth Resturant, The Night Market, Mae Taeng Elephant Park (Elephant Painting, Elephant Ride, Water Buffalo Cart Ride, River Raft Ride), Mae Taeng Market, Trekking to and overnight at Palong Tribe (Burmese) Mountain Village and Chiang Dao Cave Temple (12 miles from Myanmar (Burma) border).

Things to do and see in Phuket include Karon Beach on the Adaman Sea, Phang Nga Bay, Ko Tapu (James Bond Island), Strait of Malacca, Koh Panyee (fishing village) and Thai Foot Massage


Due to the difficulty in maintaining our blog and to save precious sleep and touring time, we will only be posting a few of the highlight images from our time and travel within each country. We will fill in the blog more completely once we return back home.